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The Ethiopian Journal of Animal Production (EJAP) is an Official Journal of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production (ESAP). publishes original articles of high scientific standard dealing with livestock and livestock related issues. The Ethiopian Journal of Animal Production is a peer reviewed journal publishing original basic and applied research articles, short communications, technical notes, and review articles dealing with livestock and livestock related issues. Although the journal focuses on livestock production in Ethiopia, papers from similar agro-ecological regions of the world are welcomed.


PDF EJAP Volume: 21 Number 1; 2021 ISSN : 1607-3835

         PDF   Farmers’ Perception of Dairy Cattle Reproductive Performance in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia… 1-18

         PDF   Evaluationof Management Levels and Performance of Crossbred Dairy Cattle Demonstrated to Smallholder Farmers in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia … 19-29

         PDF   Application of Multivariate Analysis on Morphometric Traits to Characterize the Sheep Populations Reared in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia … 30-47

         PDF   Dry Matter Intake and Feed Conversion Efficiency of Pure Jersey Calves Reared on Two Whole Milk Feeding Systems…. 48-57

         PDF   Feed Resource Bases and Farmers’ Perceived Uses of Grain Legume Haulms in the Mixed Crop-Livestock Farming System of Ethiopia … 58-71

PDF EJAP Volume: 20 Number 1 2019 ISSN 1607 - 3835

         PDF   On-Farm Phenotypic Characterization of Begaria Cattle Population and Their Production System in Guba District, North Western Ethiopia  … 1-17

         PDF   Effect of Fertilizer Level and Harvesting Date on Yield and Nutritive Value of Desho Grass (Pennisetum pedicellatum) in Hula and Bule districts of the Southern Region of Ethiopia  18-28

         PDF   Development of Yogurt from Camel Milk Using Exopolysaccharide Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria… 29-43

         PDF   Effects of Type of Starter Culture, Increase of Dry Matter and Microbial Transglutaminase on the Texture and Consumer Acceptability of Fermented Camel Milk … 44-52

         PDF   Risk Factors and Possible Strategies to Mitigate Microbiological Hazards in Milk and Dairy Products in Ethiopia: A Review … 53-69

         PDF   Genetic Distance and Differentiation among Cattle Breeds in Ethiopia: A Review… 70-78

PDF EJAP Volume: 19 Number 1 2019 ISSN 1607 - 3835

         PDF   Seed Yield and Quality of Desmodium uncinatum (Jacq.) DC. as Affected by Method and Time of Harvesting Seed at Wondo-Genet … 1-12

         PDF   Milk Production Performance Indicators of Begait Cattle in Western Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia … 13-24

         PDF   Microbial Quality and Safety of Raw Cow Milk in Girar Jarso District of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.. 25 -37

         PDF   The Effect of Partial Substitution of Maize with Furfurame on the Production Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broilers … 38-48

         PDF   Application of Morphometric Traits and Body Indices in Assessing the Type and Function of Local Goats Reared in Two Districts of Gamo-Gofa Zone, South Ethiopia … 49-62

PDF EJAP Volume: 18 Number 1 2018 ISSN 1607 - 3835

         PDF   Feed Availability, Conservation Practices and Utilization in Selected Milk-Shed Areas in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia … 1-19

         PDF   Effect of Different Proportions of Fig (Ficus sur) Fruits and Oats (Avena sativa) Grain Supplementation on Feed Intake, Digestibility, Nitrogen Retention and Live Weight Change of Hararghe Highland Sheep Fed Natural Pasture Hay Based Diets  … 20-35

         PDF   Haplotype Variation, Linkage Disequilibrium and Neutrality Test Analyses of  Detected Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Kisspeptin Gene of Selected Indigenous Goat Populations in Ethiopia  … 36-58

         PDF   Hygienic Handling Practices and Quality of Ethiopian Traditional Butter (Kibe) along the Value Chain in Selected Areas of the Central Highland … 59-74

         PDF    Indigenous Mineral Supplements of Livestock and Farmers’ Perception on the Supplements in Wolaita Lowlands, Southern Ethiopia ….. 74-87

 PDF EJAP Volume: 17 Number 1 2017 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Ewe Body Condition Determines Oestrus Response to Hormonal Oestrus Synchronization in Smallholders Village Flocks 1-11

         PDF   Comparison of Dairy Performance of F1 (Borana X Holstein-Friesian) Crossbred Heifers under On-Farm and On-Station Management 12-23

         PDF   Assessment of Goat Production System in Burie District, West Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia 24-37

         PDF   Fortified and Powdered Milk Supply in Ethiopia: Concerns and Prospects  38-53

         PDF   Effect of Replacing Wheat Bran with Air Dried Moringa stenopetala Pod on Nutrient Intake, Digestibility and Growth Performances of Yearling Sheep 54-70

PDF EJAP Volume: 16 Number 1:2016 ISSN 1607-3835

         PDF    Effect of Tagasaste (Chymancytisus palmensis) Leaf Meal Supplementation on Feed Intake, Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Rhode Island Red Chicks .. 1-16

         PDF   Evaluation of Activated Effective Microorganisms (EM-2) as Biological Crop Residue Treatment Option Targeted for Feeding Crossbred Dairy  Cattle   17-35

         PDF   Interconnection Between Feed Resources Availability, Livestock Production and Soil Carbon Dynamics Under Smallholder System in Eastern  Ethiopia   .. 36-58

         PDF     Effect of Altitudinal Gradient on Herbaceous Species Composition, Herbaceous Biomass and grassland Condition in North-Eastern Ethiopia  ….. 59-76

         PDF    The Effects of Partial Substitution of Maize with Enset (Ensete ventricosum) Corm on Production and Reproduction Performance of White  Leghorn Layer…. 77-92

PDF EJAP Volume: 15 Number: 1 2015 ISSN: 1607-3835

     PDF Effect of Ficus sur fruits supplementation on rumen ammonia nitrogen, pH concentration, and blood profile of Hararghe highland sheep fed natural pasture hay basal diet..... 1 - 16

     PDF  Mineral profiles of agro-industrial by-products and locally available supplementary feeds and their implications for dairy cattle nutrition in Ethiopia  ...... 17 - 30

      PDF  Mineral Profiles of Water Used by Livestock in Selected Sites in Central Highlands of Ethiopia ................  31 - 43

      PDF Least Cost Production and Evaluation of Multi-Nutrient Block for Lactating Crossbred Dairy cows Fed on a Basal Diet of Oats Straw  ..... 44-59

      PDF Assessment of Livestock Feed Situation in the Semi Arid Areas of Kewet District, North Shoa, Ethiopia: The Case of Chare and Yellen Villages  ...  60-67

      PDF  Lifetime Performance of Pure Jersey Dairy Cattle in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia ......................  68-78

      PDF Consumption of indigenous chicken in Metekel Zone of BeniShangul Gumuz Region, Ethiopia ............... 79 - 93

      PDF  Meat Production Potential and Prediction of Carcass Weight of Three Native Goat Breeds in Ethiopia .......... 94-109

      PDF  Evaluation of different strains of mulberry silkworms /Bombyx mori L. / for their adaptability and silk yield in Ethiopia ........ 110-122

PDF EJAP Volume: 10 Number: 1 2010 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Breeding objectives and breeding plans for Washera sheep under subsistence and market-oriented production systems  …. 1-18

         PDF   Evaluation of poultry litter as substitute of urea in urea molasses block on growth and carcass characteristics of finished lamb … 19-32

         PDF   Nitrogen Uptake, Recovery and Use-efficiency in forage oat (Avena sativa L.)….. 33-42

         PDF   Livestock production and utilization of sweet potato vines as source of feed in two districts of southern Ethiopia … 43-54

         PDF   Integrated fodder and grain crops production on upland black clay soils (Vertisols) …. 55-72

         PDF   Management of Napier Grass (Pennisetum Purpureum (L.) Schumach) for High Yield and Nutritional Quality in Ethiopia: A Review….  73-94

         PDF   The Effect of Replacing Meat and Bone Meal with Soybean Meal on the Performance and Economic Returns of Broiler Chickens  … 95-109

         PDF   Assessment of origin and relative contributions of various plant species as honeybee (a. Mellifera) pollen sources…. 111-120

PDF EJAP Volume: 9 Number: 1 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Status of Ethiopian indigenous Sheko cattle breed and the need for participatory breed management plan…1-12

         PDF   Growth and Reproductive performance of Ogaden cattle at Haramaya University, Ethiopia … 13-38

         PDF   Traditional Backyard Cattle Fattening in Wolayta: Systems of Operation and the Routine Husbandry Practices … 39-56

         PDF   Herd management, milk production and reproduction of Urban dairy farms in the Harar milkshed….57-75

         PDF   The effect of weaning crossbred calves at different ages on growth performance  … 77-88

           PDF   Major Reproductive Health Problems of Dairy Cows in and around Bako, West Ethiopia… 89-98

         PDF   Morphological characters and body weight of Menz and Afar sheep within their production system…99-115

            PDF   Morphological Characterization of Bonga and Horro Indigenous Sheep Breeds under Smallholder conditions in Ethiopia….. 117-133

         PDF   Effect of time of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin Administration on Oestrus Synchronization Efficiency and Fertility in Blackhead Ogaden Ewes …… 134-143

         PDF   Effects of Energy and Bypass Protein Supplementation on Feed Intake, Milk Yield and Composition of  Crossbred Lactating Goats …145-157

         PDF   A survey on the occurrence of anthelmintic resistance in nematodes of sheep and goats found in different agro ecologies in Ethiopia …159-175

         PDF   Ecological distribution of honeybee chalkbrood disease (Ascosphaera Apis) in Ethiopia  … 178-191

         PDF   Effect of nitrogen on morphological characters, yield and quality of forage oat (Avena sativa L.)  …. 194-207

         PDF   Assessment of the prevailing handling, transportation, marketing and quality of eggs collected from local scavenging hens in Bure district, North-West Ethiopia  … 207-227

PDFEJAP Volume: 8 Number: 1 2008 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Prevalence and distribution of camel trypanosomosis in the semi-arid and arid Awash Valley of Ethiopia … 1-9

         PDF   Current Uses of Cactus Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) as Forage in Northern Ethiopia and Farmers’ Indigenous Knowledge on its Utilisation …. 10-21

         PDF   On-farm Phenotypic Characterization of Cattle Genetic Resources in South and North Wollo Zones of Amhara Region, North Eastern Ethiopia …..22-38

         PDF   The Mahibere-Silassie composite: a new cattle breed type in north-western Ethiopia  … 39-51

         PDF    Effects of Draught and Transport Animals on Rural Livelihoodsand the Natural Environment in Tigray National Regional State, Ethiopia … 52-64       

         PDF   A Framework for Community Based Management of Indigenous Cattle Genetic Resources in Dano District, Central Ethiopia  … 65-78

         PDF   The effect of honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) on seed production of Allium cepain the Ethiopian Rift valley … 79-84

         PDF   Feature Article: Climate Variability and Change   …94-98

PDF EJAP Volume: 7 Number: 1 2007 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF    Persistency of lactation and comparison of different persistency measures in indigenous and crossbred cows at Bako, Ethiopia 1-11

         PDF   Assessment of the effect of ant (Dorylus fulvus) on honeybee colony (A. mellifera) and their products in West & South-West Shewa Zones, Ethiopia …12-26

         PDF   Isolation and characterization of tannins tolerant bacteriafrom rumen fluid of free ranging sheep and goats … 27-37

         PDF   Physical and Chemical Properties of Ethiopian Beeswax and Detection of Adulteration … 39-48

         PDF   Past, Present and Future Perspectives of Animal Sciences Graduate Thesis Research: The Case of Alemaya University … 49-75

         PDF   Economic comparison of Ethiopian Boran cattle and their crosses with Holstein Friesian in central Ethiopia… 77-87

         PDF   On-farm Characterization of Sheko Breed of Cattle in Southwestern Ethiopia   … 89-105

PDF EJAP Volume: 6 Number: 2 2006 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Study on Age at First Calving, Calving Interval and Breeding Efficiency of Bos taurus, Bos indicus and their Crosses in the Highlands of Ethiopia…. 1-16

         PDF  Development of Prediction Equations to Estimate Potential Fertility of Tropical Dairy Bulls: Obsevation in India … 17-28 

         PDF   Study on Sexual and Fattening Performance of Partially Castrated Horro Rams …29-36

         PDF   Lifetime Production and Reproduction Performances of Bos taurus x Bos indicus Crossbred Cows in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia … 37-52

         PDF   Breeding Scheme Based on Analysis of Community Breeding Objectives for Cattle in North-western Ethiopia … 53-66

         PDF   Handling and Microbial Load of Cow's Milk and Irgo -Fermented Milk Collected from Different Shops and Producers in Central Highlands of Ethiopia … 67-82

         PDF   Effect of Phytase Enzyme Supplementation of Maize Based Broiler Diets on Growth Performance, Availability of Minerals and Economic Benefits … 83-92

         PDF   Early Pregnancy Diagnosis in Cows UsingGermination Responses of Different Crop Seeds to Urine Treatment … 93-97

         PDF   Getting the Incentives Right: Concerns Associated with Expansion of Cattle Export Markets in Ethiopia … 99-103

PDF EJAP Volume: 5 Number: 1 2005 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Estimates of Crossbreeding Parameters for Egg Laying Performance of Crossbreed Chickens at Debre Zeit, Ethiopia … 1-12

         PDF    Phenotypic Characterization of Goat Types in Northwestern Ethiopia…. 13-31

         PDF   Mortality and Reported Clinical Signs in Horro Sheep at Smallholder Farms in East Wollega and West Shoa Zones, Ethiopia … 33-42

         PDF   Age and Season Related Changes in Semen Quality of Horro Bulls …. 43-52

         PDF   Effect of Two Types of Housing and Levels of Feeding on Voluntary Feed and Water Intakes, and Associated Changes in Body Weight and Body Measurements of Crossbred Female Calves in Winter Season … 53-66

           PDF   Comparative Feeding Values of Leucaena Pallida and Noug Cake (G. Abyssinica) for Fattening Horro Steers… 67-76

         PDF   Days To First Service, Conception Rate And Service Period Of Indigenous And Crossbred Cows In Relation To Postpartum  Body Weight Change At Bako, Ethiopia..... 77-89

         PDF   The Performance ofNakedNeck and Their F1 Crosses with Lohmann White and New Hampshire Chicken Breeds under Long-Term Heat Stress Conditions ….. 91-106

         PDF   Characterization and Classification of Potential Poultry Feeds in Ethiopia Using Cluster Analyses….. 107-123

         PDF   SHORT COMMUNICATION: Grassland Development Options… 125-131

PDF EJAP Volume: 4 Number: 1 2004 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Water Intake and Nutrient Balances of Holstein x Boran Cows Fed a Low-Quality Tropical Diet    ….. 1-10

         PDF    Effect of Work, Nutritional Stress and Level of Re-alimentation on the Composition of Compensatory Gains in Draught Oxen   …. 11-21

         PDF   Assessment of the Treatment and Use of Urea Treated Straw for Cattle Feeding in Selale, Central Ethiopia  …. 23-32

         PDF   Disturbed Traditional Resource Management affects the Preservation of the Boran Cattle in their Original Habitat    … 33-44

         PDF   The Concept and Calculation of Net Benefits from Goats in Ethiopian Smallholdings … 45-59

         PDF   Postpartum Anoestrus Interval and Estrus Activity in Relation to Postpartum Body Weight Dynamics in Indigenous and Crossbred Cows at Bako, Ethiopia…. 61-70

         PDF   Genetic and Non-genetic Effects on Productive and Reproductive Parameters of Arsi Cattle and Their Holstein Friesian Crosses in Ethiopia    …. 70-79

           PDF   Association of the BoLA-DRB3 Gene with Production Traits and Occurrence of Mastitis in Crossbred Cows    … 81-87

         PDF   SHORT COMMUNICATION: Bonga Sheep: A strain of Horro sheep or a different breed?

PDF EJAP Volume: 3 Number: 1 2003 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Genetic parameters for early growth traits in a Merino lamb estimated using multitrait analysis … 1-11

         PDF   Multitrait Estimates of (Co)Variance Components and Genetic Parameters of Preweaning Growth Traits in a Multibreed Beef Cattle Herd ..13-24

         PDF   Estimation of crossbreeding parameters for milk production  traits of crosses between Holstein Friesian and local Arsi breed in the highland of Ethiopia …….. 25-35

         PDF   Characterizing lactation curve of indigenous and crossbred cows ……… 37-52

         PDF    Modeling lactation curve and comparison of model’s fitness to different lactation data of indigenous and crossbred cows …….. 53-69

           PDF   Estimated model parameters of incomplete gamma and inverse polynomial functions and comparison of the model’s lactation yield prediction potential in zebu and crossbred cattle  ….. 71-87

         PDF   Study on Reproductive Efficiency of Boran and its Crosses at Holetta Research Farm: Effect of genotype, management and environment... 89-107

         PDF   Abortion and Calf Mortality of Friesian-Boran Crossbred Cattle at Cheffa State Farm, Wollo, Ethiopia …. 109 -117

         PDF   The Effects of Breed and Age of Chicken on the Amount of Faecal Excretion of Eimeria Oocystes and Mortality Rate Due to Coccidiosis ... 119-130

         PDF   Antibiotic Sensitivity of Mastitis Causing Bacteria Isolated From Dairy Cows in Welayta Soddo, Southern Ethiopia…. 131-141                 

PDF EJAP Volume: 2 Number: 1 2002 ISSN: 1607-3835

         PDF   Milk Production Characteristics of Holstein Friesian Cattle at Holetta Government Dairy Farm, Ethiopia …1-10

         PDF   Comparison of the Efficiency of Compensatory Growth of Borana and Arsi Cattle in Ethiopia…. 11-23

         PDF   Lessons learned from implementation of the Ethiopian Fourth Livestock Development Project: Experiences and Results   ……. 25-47

         PDF   Genetic and Environmental Trends in Growth Performance of a Flock of Horro Sheep ……. 49-58

         PDF   Level and Effect of Inbreeding in a Flock of Horro Sheep at Bako Research Center ….. 59-70

         PDF   Practicalities of sustaining a goat-crossbreeding programme in eastern Ethiopia ....... 71-85

                          PDF   Slaughter Component Yield Characteristics of Some Indigenous Goat Types in Ethiopia …. 87-95

                          PDF   Traditional Horro Cattle Production in Boji District,West Wellega (Ethiopia) …. 97-114

                          PDF   The effect of non-genetic factors on preweaning survival rate in the Tygerhoek Merino lambs ….  115-125

                          PDF   The influence of non-genetic factors on early growth traits in the Tygerhoek Merino lambs … 127-141